As IMDEA student (either Master 1 or Master 2), you will pay 2 annual tuition fees :


- The registration fee, required to enrol in the IMDEA program: €243
- The Student & Campus life contribution "CVEC": €92


Note that these are the amounts for the 2021/2022 academic year, they shall be adjusted each year.

The 2022-2023 amounts are not yet known, they will be updated in early July 2022.


What is the CVEC?


The CVEC is mandatory and aims to strengthen the social, health, cultural and sports support of students, as well as to reinforce prevention and health education actions carried out for them.

All students registered or in the process of being enrolled  must pay this amount to the CROUS via the following website:


CVEC website and process are only accessible in French for now. Should you need a walkthrough, consult the CVEC step-by-step guide provided by Campus France.


IMPORTANT: You MUST obtain your proof of CVEC payment or notice of exemption before attempting to register in M1 or M2.

You can do this online before leaving for France. You will have to show proof of payment or a notice of exemption in order to register!