Signal analysis 1

Course information

 ECTS: 3

Common with master in Acoustics 

Course code : 168EN039

 Lecture: 18h

 Tutorial classes: none

 Practical work: 18h

Course coordinator : Laurent Simon

Course Description


Introduction to modern signal processing for acoustics and mechanics. How to use key signal processing methods for actual data.


Course : Signal analysis refresh


 Regarding the courses, two parts are presented:

  1. Non-stationary data analysis (6h lecture + 6h practical works)
  2. Basics of digital filtering (6h lecture + 6h practical works)
  3. Acoustic imaging (6h lecture + 6h practical works)


Non-stationary signal processing

Time-Frequency analysis, Cohen, Prentice Hall, 1994

Digital filtering

Discrete-Time signal processing, Oppenheim and Schafer, Prentice Hall, 2nd edition, 1999

Examination duration

2 hours

Examination type

Written examination + grades on practicals reports