Directivity control

Course information

 ECTS: 2

Common with master in acoustics

Course code : 169EN041 

 Lecture: 20 h

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 Practical work:

Course coordinator : Manuel Melon.

External teachers coming from Active Audio, R&D Team.

Course Description


The aim of this course is know the different acoustic loads that enable to control the radiation efficiency and directivity pattern of transducers.


Course : Lumped elements modeling of transducers (1), Course : Acoustics (radiation, integral formulation), Course : Acoustics of waveguides


  • Radiation of simple structures (piston, monopoles, dipoles and quadrupoles, cardioid loudspeaker)
  • Coupling between a loudspeaker system and a room
  • Radiation of loudspeaker arrays, principle of microphone arrays
  • Effects of horns, acoustic lens on loudspeaker radiation

Examination duration

2 hours

Examination type

Written examination