Transducers modelling

Course information

 ECTS: 2

 Independent from master in Acoustics

 Course code : 169EN050

 Lecture : 8h

 Tutorial classes: 10h

 Practical work : 

Course coordinator : Pierrick Lotton, Stéphane Durand.

External teacher : to be defined.

Course Description


The aim of this course is to give the understanding of non linear effects, visco-thermal effects in transducers.


Course :  Transducers basics (1), Course : Transducers basics (2), Course : Materials for transducers.


Non linearities in transducers : Non linear modeling, Physical causes and non linear symptoms
Viscothermal effects in transducers : Equations for viscothermal effects, modeling of microphones taking into account viscothermal effects

Examination duration

1 hour

Examination type

Written examination