Acoustics II experiments

Course information

 ECTS: 2

Common with the master in Acoustics 

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 Lecture: none

 Tutorial classes: none

 Practical work: 16h

Course coordinator : Jean-Pierre Dalmont

Course Description


The aim of this course is to acquire knowledge about the integral formulation of acoustic problems: application to 3D acoustic problems (radiation source and sound field bounded 3D environment.
Solutions of the wave equation in spherical coordinate systems and cylindrical


Course : Acoustics refresh 


Green functions in 1D, 2D, 3D space (bounded or not), intergral formulation.


  • C. Potel, M. Bruneau, "Acoustique Générale", chapters 1, 4-7 (in French)
  • S. Temkin, "Elements of Acoustics", chapter 5

Examination duration

2 hours

Examination type

Written examination