Student's projects

Project aim

During the 1st year of the programme, students must conduct a project dealing with electroacoustics. The aim is to carry out a feasibility study involving modelling using lumped elements, CAD modelling and measurement aspects.

Project calendar

The project lasts 6 weeks and the students work full-time on it. The calendar is the following :

- Late January: beginning of the project

- March: The student works on a literature review and project management (1 week)
- The student (individually or in pairs) discovers the topic, does the work, writes a report and defends the project

Practical organisation

Students are working at the Université du Maine and use the simulation and measurement tools of the master.
The teachers from the Université du Maine (Acoustics and Electroacoustics fields) provide the students a theoretical and/or practical support.

Project 2015

Students are asked to design, build and test a speaker using PVC tubes. The final test will be a perceptive test made by the students.