Course information

 ECTS: 4

 Independent from the master in Acoustics

 Course code: 

 Lecture: none

 Tutorial classes: none

 Practical work: 48 h.

Course coordinator: Manuel Melon

Course Description


The aim of the project is to apply the knowledge acquired during the first year to a practical problem.


All the courses given during master 1.


Students should make a feasibility study proposed by a company or a laboratory using modeling and experimental characterization of electro-acoustic system. The project is organised as follow :

  • Literature review and project management (1 week) leading to a review report.
  • Study of the problem (5 weeks)
  • Presentation of the work

Example of past projects

  • PVC tubes speakers: design, building, measuring and listening tests 
  • Variable directivity subwoofer: design building and measuring
  • Portable loudspeaker: design, building, measuring and listening tests 

Examination duration

Oral : 20 minutes

Examination type

Written report and oral presentation.