Advanced projects


During the first semester of the second year of the IMDEA programme (semester 3), students have to do a project from September to December (defence beginning of Januaray).

This project is done in collaboration either with a company or with a public laboratory.
This project should include:



  • Literature review
  • Analytical model of the system AND / OR
  • Numerical simulation (Matlab or equivalent) of the system AND/OR
  • Numerical model of the system (FEM, BEM) AND / OR
  • Experiments performed on the system

Organisation of collaboration with companies

Within theses projects, the collaboration between Le Mans University and companies is defined as follow:

  • Non Disclosure Agreement: if necessary a NDA is signed between the company, the students and the university. Each company has to indicate the need of a NDA when proposing the project.
  • For the company: as the project is free (usually it can cost around 5000 € in engineering schools or universities), the company undertakes to provide with all the prototypes and to send them at Le Mans University. At the end of the project the company undertakes to take them at Le Mans University. If necessary, the company referee and the university referee define together what is precisely provided by the company.
  • For the university: the students and teachers undertake to do simulations, measurements, analysis and to communicate regularly the results to the company. During the oral presentations of the results, students are allowed to listen to all presentations according that they sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of each oral presentation (intermediate, final).

Are you interested?

If you are working in a company and if you are interested in studying a new concept (simple feasibility study), please contact us (imdeacoustics @

Student's work

Only the public projects are presented here (the projects done in collaboration with a company are not given).

AES publications

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