Digital filtering

Course information

 ECTS: 2

 Independent from the master in Acoustics

Course code : 

 Lecture: None

 Tutorial classes: 18h

 Practical work :  8h.

Course coordinator: Bruno Gazengel and Romain Ferron (ESEO)

Course Description


The aim of this course is:
1- to give basic academic knowledge of digital filtering, for analysis and synthesis of sounds 
2- to solve a problem of real time information processing using specific and complex calculations and dedicated device (DSP - Digital Signal Processor).


1- Signal analysis refresh,
2- Electronics refresh 


1- General concepts of digital filters, Z transform, poles ans zeros, stability, frequency response, design of IIR and FIR filters. Students should know how to use the available tools for software digital filtering : z−transform, filter design (FIR or IIR) with Matlab/Octave in a OFF-LINE framework.

2- Virtual instrumentation, Digital filtering, Use of a development starter kit,
Real time applications, Implementation on chip (DSP).

Examination duration

2 hours

Examination type

Written examination